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3D Printing for Jigs and Fixtures

Customize everything from work holding devices to test-fixture components


“Stratasys 3D Printing enables us to produce assembly and machining fixtures in one-quarter the time and at one-half the cost as conventional machining.”

— Richard Lute, senior mechanical engineer, Diebold

Unlike CNC machining and related processes, 3D printing doesn’t get more expensive and time consuming just because your design is more complex. That flexibility frees you to optimize jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing aids, for specific tasks, components, individuals or equipment.


Bring production online faster and avoid more costly errors. 3D printing work holding devices, dunnage trays, kits, guides and templates is a great way to support agile manufacturing and improve product quality.

Learn how Oreck cut fixturing costs by up to 65% while simplifying assembly processes.


Customize protective guards and covers for valuable equipment. Tough, impact resistant 3D printing materials like FDM Nylon 12 can withstand punishing conditions on the shop floor.

Learn how RedDOT sped up production with FDM Nylon 12 prototypes and fixtures.

Health and Safety

Improve worker safety and comfort. Switching from traditional metal tools to lightweight thermoplastics can help operators move for freely and comfortably to reduce strain and enhance productivity. Work-holding devices, jigs and fixtures can be customized to each individual and task for better ergonomics.

Learn how BMW used 3D printing to enhance the ergonomics of hand-held assembly tools.

Quality Control

Support your quality-control process with part-specific tools, cradles, text-fixture components and measurement aids. You can even 3D print with non-slip or static-dissipative materials that won’t scuff finished surfaces or damage sensitive components.

Learn how 3D printing helped CPI aero cut the cost of inspection templates by 96%.

Packaging and Logistics

Streamline the movement of parts within your facility or during shipment. You can customize dunnage trays, kits and boxes for greater portability — and quickly revise your designs as parts or processes change.

Learn about six ways 3D printing supports agile manufacturing.

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