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Schivo3D are the additive manufacturing specialists for the automotive industry. Schivo3D will cut lead times and in turn reduce product development cycles. This can be done by providing the user with design flexibility through the use of various market leading technologies.


FDM is most suited in the printing of concept, prototype and test parts in all stages of the development cycle . The range of materials from high-impact resistant polycarbonate to lightweight and strong industry-leading ULTEMâ„¢ and translucent ABSi also facilitates your needs. ULTEM is particularly useful for end and under-the-hood-use parts, due to it’s high resistant to heat and being flame retardant.

The build envelope of the Fortus 900 can be extended by bonding of the various thermoplastics, insertion of metal parts and additional subtractive machining. Further post-process finishing such as painting or blasting all add to your ability to make and respond to change requirement in a speedy cost efficient manner.


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