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Commercial Products

Using FDM technology and production-grade materials such as Polycarbonate (PC) and ULTEM 9085, it is now possible to produce effective low-volume tooling and durable end-use commercial parts and products, ultra-detailed prototypes and even production parts, incorporating smooth rigid, transparent and flexible materials properties.

FDM allows the injection blow moulding industry which has previously avoided prototyping due to high tooling costs to develop near-production quality prototypes. Locator pins or metal thread inserts can inserted to FDM printed parts for further utility. Lead times are subsequently reduced by 30 to 70% with production mould costs reduced for 40 to 80%.

Tools such as jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges are essential to design, prototyping and manufacturing stages. Small volume FDM tools can be substituted for CNC tool machining and built for complex geometries, with a wide range of properties available from heat and chemical resistance to ESD protection and with very good tolerance. Traditional CNC setup and development times can be utilised later in the development cycle for higher volume parts.

SCHIVO has full range of fabrication, precision CNC machining, finishing and assembly.
3D printing using Polyjet technology will allow you to build rubberised or soft-touch parts for gauging human interaction and ergonomics, while using nylon, will let you design parts with flexibility and such functional features as living hinges. Polyjet can also produce close to full transparency items, and the range of ABS, ASA and nylon polymers comes in a wide range of colours.

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